Wedding - Grand Buffet

Includes: Hot Rolls & Butter


Salads (2 choices) Tossed Salad with Vinaigrette Dressing
Caesar Salad
Greek Salad
Spring Greens with Raspberry Vinaigrette
Creamy Coleslaw

Entrees (2 choices)

Roast Chicken Supreme with Wine Sauce

With choice of ONE of hte following:

  • Prime Rib with Au Jus
  • Rack of Lam
Starch (2 choices)

Parisien Potatoes (Greek Style)
Baked Potato
Garlic Mashed
Rosemary Red Potatoes
Rice Pilaf
Penne with Marinara or Bowtie Alfredo


Veggies (1 choice) Fresh Medley of Seasoned Vegetable
Sauteed Mix of Zucchini, Baby Carrots, Peppers and Mushrooms

Also includes:
Assorted Cakes and Pastries
Tea & Coffee
$45.00 per person


All Food Charges are subject to applicable taxes and 15% Service Charge.
Menu prices are subject to change.

Hall Charges are subject to applicable taxes.