Our History

Sudbury is a place where many Greek families settled, called home, became part of the municipality, and contributed immensely to its growth, life, and its rich multicultural composition.

The ancient Plutarch who lived during the 1st Century A.D. wrote the following famous and classical passage: "Wherever you go, you may find cities without walls, without schools, without kings, without theaters, or gymnasia, but an atheist city without the need for prayers and vows, you will never see. For such does not exist. It seems to me that one can more easily find a city without ground, than one without religion and belief in God".

The early Greeks settled in this area more than a century ago and never lost sight of their Greek heritage and traditions. About 35 some years ago these early settlers organized a community, purchased land and laid the foundation of a dream that one day, they would build a Church and Community hall that would house, serve, and preserve their Greek heritage and rich culture for generations to come in their new country of Canada.

20 years ago, with great unity of spirit, (a fundamental trait of our Greek ancestors) the Greek Community of Sudbury undertook the task of building a Byzantine monument style Orthodox Church and Parish Hall on Ester Rd., by St. Charles lake, known as St.Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church and the Hellenic Center.

This project has created a place where the traditions of our Orthodox Christian faith is worshipped and an environment where people are able to interact and exchange ideas that symbolize our traditional social, and cultural values.


George Malis